Violet-colored fields as far as the eye can see and an enchantingly intense scent of lavender ... Intuitively, we connect it with the picturesque landscapes of Provence. But lying just south of Australia the island of Tasmania also holds seemingly endless purple lavender fields. The lavender rows gently embedded in the hilly terrain reach their peak in the Australian summer, from mid-December to mid-January. The sight is spectacular and of outstanding beauty.

Inspired by this, Australian designer Oliver Bryant designed the JULES series for Nachtmann. The fine lines of the lavender branches are reflected in this striking design and create a beautiful, elegant refraction of light.

What could be better than enjoying a good glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere? The glasses of the JULES series stand on a short solid stem and are reminiscent of French wine goblets. However, they follow a very modern,  clear and refined language of form. The long drink glasses and tumblers are perfect for serving water, soft drinks, or cocktails alone or in combination with the pitcher.

Uncomplicated enjoyment and sociability are the credo of the JULES crystal glasses. They give a feeling of summer heat and transport us directly into the landscapes in which the lavender flowers bloom and the grapes ripen. At Nachtmann we are always looking for young talents to take part in our NextGenDesign competition. As the winner of this competition, Oliver Bryant with JULES has designed a modern and expressive crystal glass collection for the Nachtmann brand.


H 125 mm 5 inch
Ø 81 mm 3 1/5 inch
C 260 ml 9 1/6 oz


H 222 mm 8 3/4 inch
Ø 119 mm 4 2/3 inch
C 1135 ml 40 oz


H 97 mm 3 5/6 inch
Ø 78 mm 3 inch
C 305 ml 10 3/4 oz


H 147 mm 5 4/5 inch
Ø 73 mm 2 7/8 inch
C 375 ml 13 2/9 oz