Nachtmann‘s cohesive SPA concept SQUARE reflects 180 years of experience and skill in the manufacturing of high-quality crystal glassware. Nachtmann SPA SQUARE embodies a refined and practical sense of style and is especially suited to the current times.

The lotion dispensers are available in 345 ml and 445 ml sizes and  are equipped with a lid and pump element made of stainless steel. They are suitable for soap, hand-lotion, or sanitising liquids.

The room fragrance holder is supplied complete with elegant black aroma sticks and, when filled with a room fragrance of your choice, it ensures rest and relaxation with stylish ambience.

An attractive set consisting of the lotion dispenser and a room fragrance holder together is also available and is the perfect gift for everyone who values health, beauty and wellbeing!

All items are refillable and are offered empty, ready to be filled with your favourite lotion, soap or fragrance.

Dispenser XL

H 151 mm 6 inch
Ø 77 mm 3 inch
C 445 ml 15 2/3 oz


H 102 mm 4 inch
Ø 82 mm 3 2/9 inch
C 345 ml 12 1/6 oz


H 66 mm 2 3/5 inch
Ø 71 mm 2 4/5 inch
C 89 ml 3 1/7 oz