The crystal glasses JULES by Nachtmann combine in their design powerful, strong and dynamic elements with elegance and finesse.

The long drink glasses and tumblers are perfect for serving water, soft drinks or cocktails, alone or in combination with the pitcher.

Jet turbines were the source of inspiration for the young Australian designer Oliver Bryant. Oliver Bryant, who designed JULES as part of the NextGen project with the renowned University of Technology in Sydney, says of his design:
“Jet turbines spoke to me because of the inherent tension between their precise, intricate appearance, and their potential for power and force. I wanted to embody a feeling of robust strength that was at the same time delicate and refined to the touch.  I tried to visualise the feeling of air streaming through a jet in a single static moment. Capturing the feeling of intense power while retaining a sense of refinement and delicateness in the fine lines and ridges of the range. When in flight, a jet gathers and distorts the air, and this is mirrored by the way the curves of the pattern gather and refract light.”

The NEXTGEN program creates an ideal collaboration between a traditional manufacturer, with strong roots in craftsmanship, and leading international design schools.  Nachtmann NEXTGEN aims to provide a platform in which the next generation of designers can demonstrate their imagination in a professional environment. Out of 10 aspiring designers from top Australian university, University of Technology, Sydney, 22-year-old Oliver Bryant was selected for his ability to reimagine strength as delicacy and tradition as modern elegance.  He now introduces JULES into the global Nachtmann NEXTGEN collection.


H 222 mm 8 3/4 inch
Ø 119 mm 4 2/3 inch
C 1135 ml 40 oz