A revolution in coffee enjoyment

Nachtmann Barista is Here to Change How We Drink Coffee


NACHTMANN, the German glassware brand owned by the RIEDEL company, unveils the new Barista Collection with a bold promise to change how we enjoy coffee.

The NACHTMANN design team consulted with expert baristas to develop a series of perfectly designed glasses to elevate our daily coffee ritual. Their discovery aligns with one made by sister brand RIEDEL nearly 70 years ago, that the right-shaped wine glass can enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Their continued research into wider beverages led NACHTMANN to explore the experience of coffee consumption. It is, they explain, a combination of the perfect glass shape to release coffee aromas and encourage crema, combined with aesthetics and tactility to enhance sensory pleasure.


The NACHTMANN Barista Collection offers the perfect glass for every style of coffee.

The range includes:

  • An Espresso / Doppio glass for black coffee styles
  • A Cappuccino / Flat White glass for coffees with milk
  • A Coffee Mug, classically designed with a handle
  • A Latte Macchiato glass for iced coffee and cold brew

The four products are offered in two popular NACHTMANN patterns, Ethno and Noblesse.

Their faceted cut-crystal decoration is not just ornamental but also functional, deflecting heat and allowing the glass to be held comfortably. Designed to enhance the rich interplay of colours, from golden brown crema to snowy foam, these glasses make every sip a sensory delight.


The NACHTMANN Barista Espresso/Doppio glass will be a revelation for coffee aficionados. Subtly flared to allow the aromas of black coffee to unfold fully, the glass also has a slight inward curve to create the perfect crema. It can hold a single or double shot.

Likewise, the Cappuccino/Flat White glass has been engineered to maximise enjoyment for those who prefer coffee with milk. The slight inward curve seamlessly brings together milk and espresso and boosts the development of the perfect crema, while its flared shape boosting delicious coffee aromas.

Mark Baulderstone, Managing Director of NACHTMANN Australia & New Zealand, says, "Now and again there are breakthrough moments in our business, and the launch of the NACHTMANN Barista Collection is one of them."

"We’re incredibly excited to bring this collection to Australia, one of the world’s most sophisticated, coffee-loving markets," he says. "The way these new products enhance the aroma, flavour, and even the emotion of enjoying coffee is a revelation. They bring forward notes that you never knew were there, and we can’t wait for Australian coffee lovers to try them.”

Packaged in sets of 2, the NACHTMANN Barista Collection is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs and is now available to elevate your coffee experience.

Introducing the NACHTMANN Barista range


The functional design of this product is complemented by the NACHMTANN Ethno pattern. Tactile without overcrowding the product, the repetition allows the crystal to refract and shine under light.

Introducing the NACHTMANN Barista range


The functional design of this product is complemented by the NACHMTANN Noblesse pattern, which brings a touch of luxury to your home and celebrates the revival of classic design.