Black gold in the spotlight


Visual impact plays a huge role in enhancing the pleasures of the palate – and coffee is no exception. Now the NACHTMANN Barista Collection offers the perfect glass for every kind of speciality coffee.

Golden brown crema, snowy foam enhanced by latte art, the rich interplay of colours – coffee aficionados can now choose from four glasses in two strikingly attractive faceted cuts. The range spans glasses for espresso/doppio and cappuccino, a classic coffee mug with handle, and a tall, slim glass for latte macchiato and cold brew.

The hotly anticipated NACHTMANN Noblesse series are the perfect surprise for all coffee connoisseurs. The attractively decorated exterior is useful as well as ornamental; it deflects the heat and allows the glass to be held comfortably despite its hot contents.

designed to enhance your sensory pleasure

Our Unique Aroma and Crema Booster


Aroma Booster

The slim, slightly flared lines promote the development and elevation of coffee's rich aromas.

Crema Booster

The base is gently domed inwards to stabilize its structure at the center and prevent the crema from thinning.

Smart Design

The NACHTMANN design team consulted with expert baristas to develop a series of perfectly designed glasses to elevate our daily coffee ritual.


Espresso / Doppio

Black gold steps into the spotlight

Subtly flared to allow the aromas of black coffee to unfold fully, the Espresso / Doppio Glass also has a slight inward curve to create and maintain the perfect crema. It can hold a single or double shot.


Cappuccino / Flat White

Elevating milky coffees to delicious new heights

The slight inward curve of the Cappuccino / Flat White Glass seamlessly brings together milk and espresso and boosts the development of the perfect crema. Slightly larger than the Espresso, its flared shape also elevates delicious coffee aromas.


Coffee Mug

Bring the richness of coffee into full view

Coffee mugs have hidden away their contents for far too long! Allow the rich interplay of colours in the beverage to take centre stage with this deeply-faceted cut product, offering a distinctive appearance and comfortable curved handle.


Latte Macchiato / Cold Brew

At their finest in a tall glass

This high-sided Latte Macchiato / Cold Brew glass is ideal for tall and icy or flavoured creations. The attractive faceted cut of the glass highlights and showcases the contents and their subtle, rich colours.
Coffee tastes best when it brings together color, aroma, and flavor to delight the soul."