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NACHTMANN Gin and Tonic glasses with glass straws on a bar counter. One is filled with a red Gin Cocktail with mint and a lemon zest. Behind the glasses is a lemon and a glass with mint sprigs. On the right are the hands of the bartender and bar equipment.<br/>

Wheter you are a cocktail lover or hosting a party with your best friends, with these delicious cocktails recipes you create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable moment.


Angêlus & Coffee Tonic

5 cl Cardenal Mendoza Angêlus
10 cl Coffee Tonic
3 dash Orange Bitters
Ice cube
Fresh mint
Orange zest
Piece of chocolate
Sprig of mint

Put ice cubes in the glass and add 5 cl Cardenal Mendoza Angêlus, 10 cl Coffee Tonic, fresh mint, orange zest, 3 dash orange bitters. Stir and garnish with a piece of chocolate and a sprig of mint.

Three NACHTMANN Gin and Tonic Glasses of the line Tastes Good. Each of them has a glass straw inside, one of them is filled with a gin cocktail. To the right of the glasses is a NACHTMANN Noblesse mixing glass and bar equipment.<br/>

Gin Tonic

3-4 Ice cubes
6 cl Gin
Tonic Water
Juniper berries
Dried lemon

Add 3-4 ice cubes, 6 cl gin, Tonic Water and juniper berries to the glass. Stir well. Garnish with dried lemon.


Cherry Mint GT

Sprig of mint
4-5 Ice cubes
Lime zest
3 cl Gin
1 cl of lime juice
5 cl of cherry juice
Tonic Water

Muddle blueberries in the glass and add 4-5 ice cubes lime zest, 3 cl gin, 1 cl of lime juice, 5 cl of cherry juice. Knock a mint sprig into the glass fill up with Tonic Water stir.


Batida Passion Fruit Fresh

5 cl Mangaroca Batida com Rum
1 cl freshly pressed lime juice
5 cl Passion fruit juice
10 cl Tonic Water
Ice cube
Sprig of mint
Slice of lime

Put ice cubes in the glass and add 5 cl Mangaroca Batida com Rum, 1 cl freshly squeezed lime juice, 5 cl passion fruit juice, 10 cl Tonic Water. Stir and garnish with a mint sprig and a slice of lime.