RIEDEL Decanter

Perfection in decanting

A functional and beautiful decanter is a must-have for wine lovers. Our wide range of handmade and machine-made decanters include a piece suitable for every style and price range, produced to RIEDEL's high standards.

New Products

For 2022

Enjoy new colored iterations of our Amadeo and RIEDEL Cornetto Confetti decanters, honor the Year of the Tiger in your life, and enjoy easy decanting with two new machine-made pieces.

Once in a lifetime

Limited Edition

This incredible collection features RIEDEL's one-off pieces that are made in limited numbers for true connoisseurs.

Double Decanting Functionality

Perfect for younger wines

With a unique functionality developed by RIEDEL, these pieces feature a series of air pockets that double or triple decant wines during use. They are both pieces of art and acts of theatre.
Learn more about decanting young wines

Versatile & Stunning

Perfect for older wines

Form and functionality are keystones of RIEDEL design. While these decanters serve their traditional purpose of separating wine from sediment, these magnificent designs are also decorative and elegant.

Suited up in Style

Black Tie

The Black Tie decanters feature a black stripe in their design, achieved by introducing a rod of black crystal into the molten glass before the decanter has been formed. As they are all free-blown, each looped black design is slightly unique.

The Fatto A Mano Edition

an elegant complement to the Series

The Fatto a Mano decanters were introduced in 2017 to accompany the glass series. Four classic RIEDEL decanters have been reiterated with optical blown glass and a black-white-black ornamental line that enhances their dynamic designs.

Colored & Decorated

With a range of colors and designs, these magnificent pieces add decorative flair to wine service.

Perfect for Parties

Two bottles are better than one

For elegant dinners and rousing get-togethers, these Magnum decanters hold 1500 ml / 50.07 oz and Double Magnum decanters 3000 ml / 100 oz so are suitable for magnum and double magnum bottles of wine.

Perfect for starting out

Machine-made decanters

Our machine-made collection brings the joy of decanting to your venue, without a big investment. Combined with the simple handling, they are the perfect entry-level instrument for wine lovers. Additionally, these decanters are designed to fit in nearly every fridge and ice bucket, perfect to serve your wines chilled!