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The impressive, with bouquets of flowers filled, NACHTMANN Minverva vases on round side tables in a living room. In the room there are a couch, a lamp, a leather armchair and a carpet with yellow pattern.<br/>

Luxury every day, with fine Bavarian crystal

Our heritage as a Bavarian glassmaker crafting hand and machine-made crystal stretches back over two centuries, yet we are still concerned with today, tomorrow and the next day. At NACHTMANN we believe that each day offers the prospect of joy and surprise. Every day is special. Any gathering of friends can become an occasion. Any family meal can be memorable. The most casual get-together can become a celebration.

We inspire people to share these precious moments by bringing a little luxury and sparkle to everyday life through our brilliant crystal glassware. A gift of our glassware can be remarkably affordable, and our high-quality decorative glasses, plates, bowls and tabletop accessories are sought by style-conscious consumers across the world.

The NACHTMANN Noblesse stemmed cocktail glass, next to the with rosé Champagne filled Champagne glass and the rosé colored tumbler.<br/>

Sparkling since 1834

Since Michael Nachtmann founded our company in 1834, we have steadily built our reputation as a specialist in crystal glassware. In 2004 we became the lifestyle brand of RIEDEL Glassworks, a family owned business with a proud 265 - year heritage.

In 2019 Nachtmann celebrated its 185th birthday. At NACHTMANN, our past shapes our present and our present shapes our future. From previous generations to the next generation, we respect craftsmanship and we relish creativity. From classics to cutting-edge, from special days to the everyday, we provide more than 185 years of crystal glassware fit for the occasion.


The best of Made in Germany

Respecting our past, we actively shape our future. With an artisan heritage stretching back 185 years, we are pioneering environmental technology at among one of Europe’s most modern plants. Here, in the best German tradition, we combine craftsmanship with rigid quality control, new technology and a passion for perfection.

Reflecting our long established commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations, we renewed our DIN ISO 14001 certification in 2010. This acknowledges our introduction of leading environmental management practices since 2001.


Brand Promise

The stylized N in the NACHTMANN logo stands for the initial in the name of the founder, Joh. Michael Nachtmann. He produced glasses with skilled craftsmanship and a passion for detail - a legacy that lives on in the NACHTMANN brand to this day.

At the same time, the foot of the N opens into a glassmaker’s pipe, a traditional tool that was even used over 2000 years ago in ancient Rome. The glassmaker’s pipe symbolizes the strong connection to the traditional art of glassmaking and to tradition. The N bears a brilliant crown, which is an expression of excellence and perfect workmanship in the manufacture of crystal glass.

Elegant crystal glasses in exclusive cut design



Crafted from finest crystal glass with brilliance and flair, the NACHTMANN Noblesse glasses are must-haves for anyone seeking to add that special sparkle to their home.

Discover NACHTMANN Noblesse


The Bossa Nova glassware series is a distinctive and eye-catching addition to any bar or table. Its dramatic basketweave texture effectively captures the easy-going, vibrant élan of the dance of the same name.

Discover NACHTMANN Bossa Nova


Opulent in design, the glasses of the NACHTMANN Aspen series emphasize the brilliance of the high-quality crystal glass.

Discover NACHTMANN Aspen


This delightful Nachtmann glassware range oozes mellow ethno-style character.

Discover NACHTMANN Ethno

NACHTMANN Highland Cross

Classical and yet distinctive in design, they are the perfect way in which to enjoy drinks with friends and good company.

Discover NACHTMANN Highland

NACHTMANN Highland Straight

Classical and yet distinctive in design, they are the perfect way in which to enjoy drinks with friends and good company.

Discover NACHTMANN Highland

NACHTMANN Highland Square

Classical and yet distinctive in design, they are the perfect way in which to enjoy drinks with friends and good company.

Discover NACHTMANN Highland

NACHTMANN Highland Diamond

Classical and yet distinctive in design, they are the perfect way in which to enjoy drinks with friends and good company.

Discover NACHTMANN Highland


The design of this extraordinary crystal glass series has been inspired by jet turbines.

Discover NACHTMANN Jules


The opulent cut decoration enhances the brilliance of the crystal glass once more.

Discover NACHTMANN Palais


Classic punk symbols such as rivets and grids find expression in the shapes and surfaces, allowing the designer to "shatter" the classic image of crystal with her punk attitude.

Discover NACHTMANN Punk


The SCULPTURE series plays with contrasts, with the rough and the gentle. The crystal glasses embody the creation process of a sculpture. During the process of creation by the sculptor, very different surfaces emerge, which meanwhile give the object an appearance characterized by contrasts. This moment, the “unfinished” stage, was captured by the designer Ahmet Uslu and implemented in crystal glass.

Discover NACHTMANN Sculpture


NACHTMANN Shu Fa features Longdrink and Whisky glasses in a modern design, inspired by the gentle, yet strong, calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes.

Discover NACHTMANN Shu Fa


For over 75 years the glass series Traube is still on course for success. At the time has the high quality, the production of brilliant lead crystal and the ornate decor touches not changed in the course. The bestseller Traube is a shining example that does not sacrifice functionality and tradition.

Discover NACHTMANN Traube
The NACHTMANN series Palais with the white wine goblet next to the filled red wine goblet, the filled taper Champagne glass, the filled whisky tumbler, the filled cocktail glass and the fruit juice tumbler.<br/>

The cut makes all the difference

Elegant, heavy crystal glasses are all part of the “furniture” of good bars - and can be found in many a discerning home bar, too. But such finds are becoming few and far between at city flea markets and antique stores. Vintage crystal glasses are increasingly rare, and many newer products lack that special sparkle.

Many connoisseurs yearn for a glass that makes their bourbon gleam and glow like a scene from a classic 1960s film set. And once they have experienced holding a glass of such quality in their hand, nothing less will do.

The NACHTMANN Noblesse pitcher filled with a red drink and ice cubes and two NACHTMANN Noblesse cocktail glasses, one of them filled with the same red drink. In the background there is the empty cocktail glass and ice cubes.<br/>

The fine balance between nostalgia and glamor

NACHTMANN crystal glasses breathe fresh life into this trend. With their heavy bases and sumptuous cut patterns, they are essential equipment in any self-respecting bar, club, or restaurant. Their designs adroitly champion the fine balance between nostalgia, iconic status, and glamor. NACHTMANN’s extensive range of tumblers brings fresh impetus to the world of fine crystalware. The touch of luxury surrounding these elegant glasses inspires new appreciation and respect––even in the setting of a home bar. Immerse yourself in this glamor in your own home.