Find the best Nachtmann collection for you

Four NACHTMANN Noblesse Whisky Tumblers in Berry, Taupe, Smoke and Vintage Blue on a benchtop.

At NACHTMANN, we provide quality crystal glassware that caters to various occasions – be it breakfast, coffee breaks, evening drinks with friends, or quiet evenings nursing a soothing glass of whisky. To help you find your perfect NACHTMANN companion that matches your needs and style, we've compiled a short guide that will help make choosing your next NACHTMANN glass a breeze.

For Barware Enthusiasts

If you love nothing more than barware that accommodates your spirits and cocktails, you're spoiled for choice with NACHTMANN. Multiple NACHTMANN collections feature whisky tumblers and long drinks that you can browse on the whisky glasses section and the barware section of our official webshop respectively. The only issue you may encounter is that you need help to make up your mind due to the sheer variety of options available! So let's get down to addressing that, helping you to find the barware that best matches your tastes.

Four NACHTMANN Noblesse cocktail glasses, three of them filled with different Spritz cocktails, one is empty.<br/>

Barware for traditionalists

If you're a fan of classic styles that have stood the test of time to remain popular in the present day, you can't go wrong with NACHTMANN Noblesse. Launched in 2012, NACHTMANN Noblesse blends a traditional cut crystal style with a modern flair to offer glassware that can brighten any dinner setting or home bar. Since its release, NACHTMANN Noblesse has proved to be our most popular collection year after year, underlining its status as a series that delivers for a variety of tastes.

It is also our most comprehensive glassware collection with NACHTMANN Bossa Nova - another more than viable option for those who enjoy classic glassware designs.

Finally, if you're after a classic style with your NACHTMANN barware but don't want to settle for one uniform design, NACHTMANN Highland is the series for you. This collection features four quintessential glassware designs that allow you to mix and match whenever you please, ensuring you never get bored of your glassware!

Four NACHTMANN Sculpture longdrink glasses on a table, three of them filled with different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Inbetween the glasses the table is decorated with mint sprigs.<br/>

Barware for creatives

If contemporary or abstract designs are more your thing, consider one of our collections that have come about from the NACHTMANN NextGen series initiative.

NACHTMANN NextGen sees us undertake quests to find the next generation of talented glassware designers. Taking us to leading art colleges around the world, NextGen has so far tapped into young design talent in Prague, Tokyo, New York, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Beijing, London, and Sydney - a truly global approach to modern glassware design! This search has yielded cutting-edge ideas combined with traditional craft skills, helping NACHTMANN to create the next generation of modern classics in glass. The collections that have emerged from NextGen over the years have varied considerably and include the following series that satisfy your barware needs:

  • NACHTMANN Sculpture was developed in 2012 by designer Admet Uslu of the Kontsfack University of Arts, Craft, and Design in Stockholm. Sculpture takes inspiration from solid rock sculpting, translating this practice into crystal design and exploring light, reflections, and refractions. In this collection, the decoration's complex geometry counters the clear crystal's brilliance, creating glassware that truly stands out.
  • NACHTMANN Shu Fa was developed in 2016 by Mao Churong and Gong Yining of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. A Chinese term that translates to "the art of writing", Shu Fa is inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphic ink paintings. It plays with structure and texture to create a dramatic design for your dining table and is ideal for anyone looking to introduce an East Asian aesthetic to their glassware cupboard.
  • NACHTMANN Punk was developed in 2017 by designer Anke Buchmann from University of the Arts, London. The series utilizes key punk visuals, such as studs and spikes, to design a tactile range of barware products. Breaking away from classic design rules, Punk's distinctive aesthetic breaks out of tradition to add impact to every table, making the perfect collection for people who want barware that makes a statement.
The NACHTMANN Ethno bowl filled with cereals and berries next to the NACHTMANN Ethno hot beverage mug filled with cappuccino on a table mat. On the right of the table are two spoons.<br/>

For brilliant breakfasts: NACHTMANN Ethno 

If you love nothing more than a well-rounded breakfast - food, juice, and coffee all included, NACHTMANN Ethno is the perfect collection to allow you to turn the first meal of the day into an act of pageantry.

NACHTMANN Ethno glassware takes its unique personality from its distinctive, harmonious pattern of close-packed notched elements that create a sparkling display when they're in the light. The easy-going vibe that NACHTMANN Ethno delivers with its crisp style makes it particularly appealing for those laid-back weekend breakfasts where you can take your time and enjoy the luxuries of your breakfast banquet.

Within this collection, you can find tumblers and long drinks for your breakfast juices and smoothies, an array of coffee and hot drink glasses, plus the Ethno 27cm bowl that is at well-suited to some morning oats or granola as it is to a lunchtime salad.


For the coffee fanatic: NACHTMANN Barista

As of 2023, NACHTMANN now delivers coffee-specific glassware with NACHTMANN Barista, taking coffee enjoyment up a notch for whatever your preferred style of coffee is.

Available in our NACHTMANN Ethno and NACHTMANN Noblesse designs, NACHTMANN Barista offers glassware for lattes/latte macchiatos, espressos, cappuccinos, and flat whites, plus a general coffee mug for someone who wishes to adopt a universal approach to their hot beverage enjoyment.

To learn more about NACHTMANN Barista and ways to improve your coffee enjoyment, check out our blog titled 5 Tips to Boost Your Coffee Enjoyment with NACHTMANN Barista.

Four NACHTMANN Gin and Tonic glasses, three of them filled with different gin cocktails, one of them empty.<br/>

For irresistible gin: NACHTMANN Gin & Tonic

While our NACHTMANN tumblers and long drinks do a remarkable job for many cocktails, gin and tonic calls for something a little different.

The wide bowl on our NACHTMANN Gin & Tonic glasses gives you a gin that will perform at its very best. The wide bowl captures and concentrates the aromas of your gin, as well as allowing for plenty of ice and garnishes that give your gin a little more pizzazz. The stems featured on these gin glasses also provide a comfortable grip and help you to maintain your drink's temperature by keeping your hand away from the cool bowl housing your cocktail.


With that, we hope you feel assured that we have the glassware that satisfies your needs and that you can quickly and efficiently pick out the set you want to help elevate your future dining experiences.