Style Your Home with NACHTMANN

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We’ve put together a cheat’s guide to styling your table, sideboard or home bar with Nachtmann! Find your personal style from this list then explore the perfect products for you to suit.

Traditional themed interior 4000x3000px


This style initially hails from the luxurious and beautifully decorated halls of old European homes from the 18th and 19th centuries. Lush surrounds, classic details, high decoration. Spaces will be full of rich gem colours, high-end heavy fabrics like silk and velvet, and lots of pattern and interest through beautiful rugs and art.

A focus on both warmth and ornate decorating can mean this style can be interpreted in two ways: either stuffy or homely. You’ll find windows with elegantly layered curtains, and dark-coloured woods add to an air of comfort and lusciousness.

Modern themed interior 4000x3000px


This is one of the broadest styles because it began with mid-century modern style in the 1950s and took ques from interiors over the next three decades or so. Modern design can sometimes seem interchangeable with contemporary design, but it’s slightly different: contemporary refers to the most current style and is therefore ever-evolving.

Modern design refers to a clean, simple aesthetic with a focus on minimal decoration but brings warmth through materials and tones. The palette will tend towards colours drawn from nature – oranges, blues and greens – and warm wood colours combat neutral walls.

Eclectic themed interior 4000x3000px


Don’t care to define your style or follow any rules? Then it very well may fall under this category. An eclectic style will blend multiple different looks – the only brief if that if you love it, it goes in. That means a lot of eye-catching yet potentially mismatching pieces and décor items that build a visual picture of your unique style.

In contrast to a bohemian look, eclectic design also incorporates some more elegant or glamourous components – large pieces of art and rich jewel tones. Eclectic is one of the most challenging styles to master because it requires a genuinely artistic eye to bring together all these contrasting elements to create one stylish look.

Scandinavian themed interior 4000x3000px


Also known as “Scandi”, this style emerged in the early 20th century and became popular primarily in Nordic countries, including Denmark, Norway and Sweden (i.e. Scandinavia). White and grey undertones dominate the colour palette. These interiors focus on highlighting lightness and brightness by bringing in as much natural light as possible, with pops of colour brought in through art or featured soft furnishings.

This style seeks out furniture that resembles art: structured, thoughtful, and building on the overall elegant yet minimal and functional aesthetic. Complimented by metal and light wood, minimal and unpatterned furnishings bring interest by playing with texture and tone.

Industrial themed interior 4000x3000px


Just the name inspires the image of a super cool loft or warehouse conversion.  You’ll see lots of open space, metal beams and exposed brickwork, mixed with seemingly ‘incomplete’ features: dangling light fixtures, ceiling ducting on show. The palette includes browns, blacks and greys through wood, metal and concrete, with pops of colour brought in through abstract art.

One of the critical elements of industrial design is merging old with new: old spaces refreshed and decorated with key pieces of modern furniture but often dressed to look as if they’re not new at all. This style loves to reimagine what’s come before in a practical and tough yet beautiful way.

Hollywood themed interior 4000x3000px

Hollywood Glam

If you go for luxury all the way – almost excessively – then this might be your style. Think of chandeliers, gold accents, and rich, electric colours layered on top of one another. Also known as Hollywood Regency, this style makes an incredible statement with lots of plush fabrics like velvet and antique-inspired furnishings.

This style also takes a nod from French and Victorian decorating but with a modern interpretation – updated with fabrics and colours, gilded mirrors in sparkling, shiny metals. You might be surprised to find a throw cushion or rug with an animal print, and fun statues or art to bring a grown-up playfulness to the interior.