Celebrate in style this festive season

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on selected Champagne Glasses and Cocktail Glasses as well as selected bar accessories!
Four NACHTMANN Noblesse Champagne glasses two of which are filled with Champagne. Next to them is the NACHTMANN Noblesse Champagne cooler with ice cubes and an open bottle of Champagne inside.<br/>

Celebrate with elegance and NACHTMANN champagne glasses - each glass, a masterpiece of precision and style, enhances the sparkling pleasure and intensity of your favorite champagne. Enjoy the luxury of crystal clear glasses with NACHTMANN and celebrate life's special moments, where quality and tradition shimmer in every sip. Toast to something special!


Discover the world of sophisticated entertainment with NACHTMANN cocktail glasses. Each glass, an expression of precision and elegance, is designed to enhance the character of your favorite cocktails. NACHTMANN combines the finest design with functionality to make your cocktail experience an unforgettable moment.

* Note: Indicated discounts are in comparison with the RRP. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts and coupon codes. Discount on selected champagne glasses, cocktail glasses and accessoires is valid until 21.12.2023 in the NACHTMANN online shop for end consumer. All items while stocks last. Typing errors and mistakes excepted.

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