A toast to elegance

Champagne glasses and sparkling wine glasses for your festive moments

Discover the world of SPIEGELAU sparkling wine glasses - perfection meets style

Experience unique moments in life with exceptional elegance. Enhance your special occasions with our exquisite selection of champagne glasses and sparkling wine glasses. Our elegant glass designs turn every fine tingle and gentle pop into an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the sophistication and quality of SPIEGELAU to make your celebrations extra special.

Elongated shape, great pleasure

Sparkling Wine Flutes and Champagne Flutes

Discover the classic SPIEGELAU sparkling wine and champagne flutes - ideal for light, dry champagnes and sparkling wines.

Their slender shape promotes the formation of bubbles and enhances the taste experience. Thanks to its long, slender shape and narrow opening, the flute preserves the effervescence and aromas of the drink until the last sip. Experience an intense, sensual drinking experience with every flute.

Elegance in every sip

Sparkling wine glass and champagne glass

Discover the champagne glass - the perfect choice for experiencing the diversity of champagne. Its diamond-shaped bowl optimally unfolds complex aromas, while the wide rim releases them intensively. The larger bowl and conical opening retain bubbles and temperature, guaranteeing a sparkling taste experience.

This glass combines science, art and tradition for an incomparable champagne experience.

The original SPIEGELAU

Perlage Driver.

Every SPIEGELAU sparkling wine/champagne glass includes a perlage driver for a sparkling drinking experience.

What is the "Moussierpunkt"?

The "Moussierpunkt", literally translating to "foaming point", is a deliberately placed small imperfection inside our champagne glasses that serves as a nucleation point for the formation of bubbles. This point ensures that the carbon dioxide is not evenly distributed in the champagne, but forms bubbles that contribute to the visual charm and enhance the aromatic profile. Each bursting bubble releases a bouquet of aromas and appeals to the senses.

Richard Voit, CEO

Glamor in every curve

Coupettes, champagne saucers and champagne coupes

Discover the coupette, also known as a champagne saucer and champagne coupe - ideal for cocktails, fine sparkling wines and even desserts.

Thanks to its wide diameter, this glass is not only ideal for drinks with alcoholic and non-alcoholic components, but also perfect for serving desserts. The sensual curves of the glass make it an elegant companion for your favorite martini, champagne and creative dessert creations.

This glass combines history and style, popular in different eras and today an indispensable element in every home bar.

Elegance meets versatility

Universal glasses: perfect enjoyment for wine and champagne

Discover our universal glasses - perfect for every occasion.

These versatile glasses are not only suitable for fine wines, but are also ideal for exquisite champagne. With their tulip-shaped design, they provide the ideal basis for bringing out the fine aromas of high-quality vintage champagnes such as Blanc de Blanc. Experience a new dimension of enjoyment with our glasses, where taste and elegance are in perfect harmony.

Exceptional and sophisticated

Innovative wine glasses: a new look at champagne

Discover our unusual wine glass shapes, which are surprisingly also ideal for champagne. These glasses are a real insider tip, especially for full-bodied rosé champagnes. Their unique design reveals the rich aromas and depth of character of these champagnes in a way that traditional glasses simply cannot. Be inspired by the perfection of these glasses and experience champagne enjoyment on a new level.


Sparkling elegance

The SPIEGELAU Spumante champagne tulip features an elegant, tapering shape with harmonious curves and balanced proportions that allow generous space for aromas to unfold. Its nucleation point promotes the generation of bubbles. The ideal choice for premium sparkling wines from Franciacorta or Champagne.

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