NACHTMANN & Sustainability

Our responsibility is crystal clear

NACHTMANN is synonymous with high-quality, robust products of enduring distinction.

Glass production, particularly the melting process, is an extremely energy-intensive operation. We are absolutely clear about our responsibility to design our activities for maximum sustainability and our aim to improve our energy efficiency on an ongoing basis.

At NACHTMANN, sustainability starts with careful selection of raw materials. With few exceptions, the quartz sand, metal oxide, lime, and potash we use are sourced from our own region and have only a short distance to travel.


Our Glassware

Our durable glassware is 100 percent recyclable, 100 percent BPA-free, and 100 percent food-safe.
Two empty NACHTMANN Ethno longdrink glasses on a sideboard, left of them an Ethno tumbler with mint sprigs.<br/>

Durable and sustainable product

Long lasting and reusable for many years

Made from recycled crystal glass

Up to 50% made from recycled crystal glass within our factories

Crystal glass is neutral and chemically inert

It does not react with substances or materials that it comes into contact with in contrast to plastic which, for example, can release Bisphenol A (BPA)


Production processes are completely BPA-free and no plastic

100% food safe

Our crystal glass is compliant with all known migration limits and is fully certified for safe usage with food and drinks

100% recyclable

NACHTMANN crystal is 100% recyclable

NACHTMANN & Sustainability

Our tip for fans of sustainable products

Our glass drinking straws not only create cool drinks, but also ensure 100% sustainability. Free of plastic, BPA-free and fully recyclable, the drinking straws are dishwasher safe and designed for frequent use.

Our bowls with matching silicone lid are the long-lasting alternative to plastic wrap, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Perfect for perserving the freshness and flavors of food for a long time.


Systematic energy management

NACHTMANN’s works in Bavaria are cutting-edge glass factories in line with the state of the art. Our first works gained ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system as early as 2001; the first ISO 50001 energy management system certification was awarded to our company in 2010.

Today, certified environmental and energy management systems are in place at all our manufacturing locations.


Our factories

  • Energy-saving projects include: compressed air, burner technology, energy efficient drives, LED lighting, waste heat recovery, water saving measures
  • Implemented environment certificates ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 50001: 2011.
  • Main raw materials are locally sourced e.g. quartz sand from Hirschau (short transport routes)
  • Substitution of hazardous substances with more environmentally friendly options.

NACHTMANN & Sustainability

Our road to more energy efficiency

Our Amberg and Weiden locations are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources; our rooftop photovoltaic system at the Weiden production facility will go into operation, and we will use the thermal energy from melting tank exhaust gases to generate electricity.

We continue to take steps along the road to greater energy efficiency.


Our packaging


Green Dot certified

For our production sites in Germany - NACHTMANN is committed to recovery and recycling

45% FSC®

Forest Stewardship Council

Reclay whole system

For our production sites in Austria


Supply Chain Managment

We work with sustainability-committed suppliers only
Four NACHTMANN Ethno tumblers on a wooden sideboard. One of them is filled with water and a slice of lemon and stands on a round stone platter. Around the tumblers are lemons, slices of lemon, and mint sprigs.<br/>

Both our packaging and products are recyclable.

Please dispose of them in the designated waste bins at the end of their life.