Crystal-clear rebellion


Rebellion against the establishment is a form of energy. It can shatter convention and be a catalyst for new beginnings. NACHTMANN has boldly grasped this energy to bring new impetus to the world of crystal glassware.

Nachtmann Punk


The NACHTMANN Punk series spans tumblers, long drink glasses, and a decanter, and includes a Whisky Set comprising a decanter and two tumblers.


Presented in full color

Presented in stunning colors Gun Metal, Jet-Black, Copper, and Ruby the NACHTMANN Punk tumblers are eye-catching. Perfect for whisky, water, softdrinks, cocktails or mixed drinks, these glasses will add style to any table setting.
The NACHTMANN Punk whisky tumbler and the longdrink glass lying on a leather jacket with rivets and a chain.<br/>


London spirit

The source of inspiration was the global capital of creativity – London. A metropolis that has been a constant fount of groundbreaking new directions in music, film, and theater, fashion and design over the decades.

Creative minds in London are used to challenging the status quo and driving innovation in many ways – some of them wild and wonderful. London’s cultural diversity and insatiable appetite for novelty and change is the power behind this creativity.

Up-and-coming designer Anke Buchmann also immersed herself in the spirit of this vibrant city, drawing on its inspiration to create the blueprint for the Punk series. The name says it all.


Nachtmann Punk

Designed by Anke Buchmann

The spark for this all-new NACHTMANN glassware collection came from a design by Anke Buchmann, winner of the NACHTMANN NextGen competition in London.

She explains her approach to the provocative design thus:
“I wanted to rebel, and I wanted to channel the punk rock movement and create something edgy. So I started to sketch out a few typical surfaces, textures, and patterns that reflected the idea of punk rock, like studs and tartan. From these iconic punk motifs, I began to move further and further away from conventional design. I embraced the influence of punk iconography on shapes and textures – yet never losing sight of the language of form and product philosophy that are the hallmark of NACHTMANN glassware."

My punk attitude shattered the classic image of crystal glassware! My designs commemorated punk rock’s fortieth anniversary, but also celebrated the fruitful interaction and mutual inspiration between punk and luxury, in a trend that is also dominating current fashion.

Anke Buchmann

Designer of NACHTMANN Punk


Discover the whole collection

Four NACHTMANN Punk tumblers in jet-black, copper and gun metal stacked up in front of a broken mirror. Besides them the Punk tumbler in ruby filled with ice cubes. In the mirror there is a Junion Jack and the line nextgen goes punk.<br/>

Nachtmann Punk

Partnership with Central Saint Martins, London

Partner in the competition was Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Many of the graduates from this legendary institution have gone on to shape the world around us with their work. The NACHTMANN NextGen competition in partnership with Central Saint Martins was held in London and Neustadt, Germany, from December 2015 to June 2016. A total of ten students were shortlisted for the final. Over the competition period they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with NACHTMANN’s production operations, design development, and brand philosophy. From this background, they created innovative designs in keeping with the essential values of the storied NACHTMANN brand.