The epitome of modern elegance


For those seeking a cleaner and more contemporary aesthetic, Ethno breaks away from traditional cut-crystal design.

With elements of modern arabesque style, NACHTMANN Ethno presents a stunning fusion of cultures. Its distinctive, repetitive pattern features closely spaced wedge-cut elements of varying sizes. Ethno offers a refreshing take on tabletop sophistication for special occasions or everyday enjoyment.

NACHTMANN Ethno crystal longdrink glasses, tumblers and the hot beverage mug in a row on a shelf.<br/>

A masterpiece of precision

NACHTMANN Ethno is designed with attention to detail and reflects the NACHTMANN brand's commitment to excellence. The production process is accomplished with the highest precision to create a visual masterpiece. It captures the essence of contemporary elegance with high-quality crystal that offers shine and durability.


From our daily breakfast to the allure of cocktail hour

NACHTMANN Ethno brings modern sophistication to every occasion. A testament to the beauty of blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics, Ethno charms the fingertips to take everyday moments to new heights of luxury and style.


Functional and durable

The ethno esthetic is underpinned by the functional lines; these glasses are comfortable and secure to use even when wet, and are extremely durable. The hot beverage mugs keep the contents hot while the handles stay pleasant to hold. All items are dishwasher-safe.

Great design

The decorative cut of the glassware, mugs, and bowls coax fascinating reflections from their contents in the ambient light, enhancing the anticipation of enjoyment even further.
At the same time the glasses are comfortable and secure to use even when wet.
Two empty NACHTMANN Ethno longdrink glasses on a sideboard, left of them an Ethno tumbler with mint sprigs.<br/>

Decorative cut coaxing fascinating reflections

Safe grip thanks to clever design

ETHNO designs draw all eyes even when displayed on a tray, sideboard, or cabinet shelf: