Line introduced in 2013

Black Series Collector's Edition

A classic all dressed up

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sommeliers glass series, RIEDEL presents an exclusive collector's editions: Pleasure and design objects that emphasize the unique design language of the wine-friendly Sommeliers.

Black Series Collector's Edition is made from black crystal glass. Adding cobalt and manganese turns the crystal glass black. This cools much quicker than transparent glass, posing an additional challenge for the glass makers. The manufacturing process is further complicated because the Black Series Collector's Edition has a red glass string overlaid with clear glass. Although the Black Series can obviously be used as a drinking glass, we see it more as a particularly beautiful design object, which highlights the unique styling and proportions of the Sommeliers series.

The original Sommeliers series is comprised of several shapes. The shapes were determined by the age of the wine and the various wine qualities. The current glass series was adapted under the aegis of Georg J. Riedel, with special glass shapes being developed in workshops. Highly experienced wine experts, such as Robert Parker, or winemakers, such as Gaja, Guigal and Robert Mondavi, contributed their knowledge to help fine-tune the RIEDEL glass shapes. The Sommeliers shapes have since become a benchmark for the industry and are now copied by many other glass manufacturers.

Black Series Collector's Edition is handmade in crystal glass.