Sometimes less is more

SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual

No stem, no base, but lots of style: the hallmark of these tumblers is their combination of simplicity and elegance.

The Authentis Casual series is the top choice for those easy-going moments in life.

SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual

Striking style and easy-going character

The Authentis Casual series is available in four sizes:
All Purpose Tumbler XXL / Bordeaux
All Purpose Tumbler XL / Burgundy
All Purpose Tumbler L / Red Wine
All Purpose Tumbler M / White Wine

Each tumbler is designed to offer the finest taste experience, enhanced by its striking style and easy-going character. All glasses are compact in shape for convenient storage, and are dishwasher safe.

The matching decanter for the series

SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual tumblers on a serving tray on an outdoor table. Two of the stemless tumblers are filled with red wine, one with white wine. In the foreground are wooden forks and in the background a stack of plates and more tumblers.<br/>
SPIEGELAU Gin and Tonic glasses on a wooden sideboard, each of thm filled with a different Gin Cocktail.<br/>

SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual

For the daily pleasures in life

Popular with restaurateurs and wine connoisseurs alike, these strikingly designed glasses are light to hold, durable, and completely dishwasher safe. The traditional tumbler, a standard drinking vessel with centuries of history, has been transformed into an ideal companion through the day.

The Authentis Casual series stands for quality crystal glassware that is perfect for those daily moments of pleasure and enjoyment, in home and restaurant environments. Their style and charisma is unconventional and refreshing, reflecting the “Casual” name.

Going back to the essentials, SPIEGELAU’s designers have retained top quality as their uncompromising focus. And achieved it brilliantly!

The with white wine filled SPIEGELAU Adina Prestige white wine glass besides a SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual tumbler filled with a veggie noodle salad.<br/>

SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual

A popular choice for every use

The fine rounded shape flawlessly enhances an appreciation of the contents and gives the wine plenty of space to unfold and develop.

The stemless design oozes natural assurance. No wonder these crystal glasses are also popular choices for water, as well as for fruit juices and spritzers, smoothies and cocktails. And imaginative gourmets love to use them for creative desserts, too.