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5 Tips to Boost your Coffee Enjoyment with Nachtmann Barista


Your NACHTMANN Barista Collection deserves good coffee, and so do you. Implement our 5 coffee tips that will help you to take your coffee enjoyment to the next level.

Coffee has been a beloved beverage for centuries and remains so to this day. There are countless ways to enjoy this versatile drink, whether you prefer it hot or cold, black or with cream and sugar. No one method is wrong, and each approach can tantalize your tastebuds when made well.

The NACHTMANN Barista Collection offers the perfect glass for every speciality coffee, helping to make every coffee memorable for you. However, the glass is just one of the multiple variables that affect coffee enjoyment. With that in mind, here are some elements you can play around with to make the most of your coffee experience.


Experiment with different brewing methods

You can brew coffee at home in many different ways, each of which produces a unique flavor profile. Some popular methods include:

Pour-over: Pour-over coffee is brewed by pouring hot water over coffee grinds held in a filter above a small container, with the coffee gradually filtering into the container below. Pour-over coffees are made manually, rather than by machine, usually making just one or two cups at a time. The manual nature of this brewing method gives you a large degree of control over coffee extraction, as you can alter variables such as agitation, water temperature, the amount of water you use, the amount of coffee you use, and the coarseness of the coffee grinds.

French press: Also known as a cafetiere or a coffee plunger, using a French press involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in hot water for a few minutes before using a plunger to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds. This brewing method typically uses a non-absorbant metal or nylon mesh filter. This type of filter results in full-bodied, flavorful coffee that often possesses a slightly oily texture due to the presence of natural oils from the coffee beans.

Espresso: Espresso coffee is made by forcing hot water through finely ground, compacted coffee beans at high pressure to create a strong, low-volume shot of coffee. You can enjoy espresso coffee on its own, but it is also the base for some of our favorite coffee drinks, including cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, and Americanos.

You can use espresso coffee to enjoy a refreshing Hot Mint Espresso. To make this, make an espresso shot using your espresso machine - you can achieve similar results using an Aeropress - and add two mint leaves, 1 tsp honey, and a slice of lemon. The honey makes the espresso shot sweeter and more palatable for those who usually find espresso shot a little strong, while the lemon and mint transform this drink into a fresh, stimulating, and most importantly, delicious beverage.

Cold brew: Perfect for those warmer days, making cold brew coffee involves steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in cold water at room temperature for an extended period, typically 12 to 24 hours. Once done, the coffee is strained through a coffee filter to remove the grounds. Cold brewing produces a smooth, low-acidic coffee that you can enjoy on its own, with ice, water, milk, or any other preferred ingredients.

Try experimenting with different brewing methods to find which approaches best suit your taste preferences. You might be surprised at how different the same coffee can taste depending on the brewing process.


Try different types of coffee

Like with brewing methods, there are many different types of coffee to consider. Trying a new type of coffee every time you buy a bag can keep things interesting and help inform your taste preferences.

One area where coffee can vary is how it is roasted. Typically, darker roasts possess a darker color, a stronger flavor, and less acidity. Try out different roasts from your NACHTMANN Barista Glass to see which styles are to your liking. For example, if you like mild coffee with good acidity, you might find that a light roast is perfect for you!

A second way coffee can vary is in its geographical origin. Coffee beans are grown all over the world, and each region produces coffee with a unique flavor profile due to factors such as the characteristics of the soil, climate, and altitude. Consider trying coffee from different geographical regions to experience how much of a difference a coffee’s place of origin can make.


Use high-quality coffee beans

Wherever your coffee's origin, whatever roast it is, quality matters. High-quality coffee has a richer, more nuanced flavor profile, and superior aromas to lower-quality coffee. Choosing high-quality coffee beans sourced from ethical and sustainable producers can also help to ensure that workers are paid fairly and environmentally friendly practices are undertaken.

To identify high-quality coffee when shopping, look for freshly roasted beans grown in well-regarded coffee-growing regions, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia, to name a few. Once you have bought the coffee and opened the bag, you can inspect the coffee by checking that the beans are consistent in size and color and possess a fresh aroma, rather than a stale scent.


Play around with the other ingredients in your coffee

Coffee isn't the only thing you can play around with the uncover different qualities and flavours. Since coffee often combines with other ingredients, you can play around with these other ingredients to alter the final product when making your coffee. 

  • If you are a fan of flavored coffee, try adding different syrups to your coffee for a delicious and personalized touch. Populate options include vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, cinnamon syrup, and hazelnut syrup, to name a few.
  • Different types of milk can combine with your coffee to make varying outcomes. Your coffee will taste different depending on whether you use full-fat or skimmed milk, or even milk alternatives such as soya, hazelnut, oat, or almond milk. You can use this to turn a simple cappuccino into a rich hazelnut mocha. Add 1 tsp fig jam and 25ml hazelnut cream to your NACHTMANN Barista Glass, then add a double espresso shot and top with foamed milk of your choice. Stir well and marvel at the difference a little hazelnut cream can make.
  • You can mix spices with your coffee grinds to add flavor to your coffee without imparting unwanted sweetness that can occur when using syrups. Cardamom, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, and cinnamon are just a few examples of spices that can pair beautifully with coffee. Try adding any of the above to your cold brew or pour-over coffee grinds and see if you enjoy the effect it has on your coffee.
  • Add liqueur or spirits. Coffee liqueurs are well known in their own right, which is no surprise given the delicious cocktails that can be made by adding liqueur to your coffee. Some popular spirits you can combine with your coffee include whisky or bourbon, brandy, rum, amaretto, and cream liqueurs.

The above points emphasize that coffee grinds are often just one of a few ingredients we use, so it is worth playing around with these other ingredients when you get your NACHTMANN Barista Glasses out of the cupboard to make your morning coffee.


Integrate your coffee into a meaningful experience

Mixing up the ingredients and brewing methods aren’t the only ways to improve your coffee experience. You can enhance any cup of coffee by manipulating the environment in which you drink it; a couple of ways you can do this with coffee is by combining it with social occasions or by including it in your morning routine.

Coffee has always been a social beverage; enjoying a cup with friends is a great way to connect and catch up. Consider hosting a coffee-tasting party, where everyone brings a different type of coffee to share and taste. Alternatively, you could visit a local coffee shop with friends and try out their different drinks together.

Adding coffee your morning routine can help you prime yourself for the day ahead. By mindfully enjoying your coffee as part of a grounded morning routine, you are able to savor and enjoy your coffee each time, helping to calm your mind and get your day off to the perfect start.

In conclusion, there are numerous approaches that can help you enjoy coffee more. Whether you prefer coffee hot or cold, sweet or bitter, there is a style out there that is perfect for you.

By experimenting with different brewing methods, types of coffee, and flavorings, you can discover new ways to enjoy this beloved beverage. So try out some of our above suggestions, sit back with your NACHTMANN Barista Glass, and enjoy.

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